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Software for batch crack

Download address: Download  (200KB)
This program is based on the Microsoft .NET framework 4.6 . You can download this component here.

Supported hash types:md5,md5(md5($pass)),sha1,mysql,mysql5,sha256,sha256(md5($pass)),md5(unicode),oscommerce,joomla,dz,vb,mssql etc.
Not supported hash types:Md5(phpbbs),Md5(wordpress),Md5(unix),etc.

md5 crack

md5 crack

The program will automatically find the hash to crack. So you can specify the original text file, without any conversion. You can drag the source file into this window.

There are 3 output file  in the source file directory.
Source file name_Out.txt          --- file contains all the results, one record per line, format: original text + space + result 
Source file name_Found.txt      ---contains only successful records, format: original text + space + result
Source file name_Notfound.txt  ---failure records,format: the same as the original

Output format can be changed in the cmd5.exe.config